In 2023 the SellaRonda Skimarathon will set off on 31 March from Arabba.

In 2023 the SellaRonda Skimarathon will set off on 31 March from Arabba.

As tradition has it, a few weeks after the end of the winter season the Sellaronda Organizing Committee, coordinated by Oswald Santin, met with each single valley committee to analyse the race just concluded and above all to lay down the basis for the 2023 edition.
Next year the 26th edition will set off from Arabba in the province of Belluno on Friday 31st March. “We talked a lot weighing up pros and cons -Oswald Santin said- with the Arabba Committee it is the first time we are so ahead on the calendar with the race date. The Arabba Committee really wants  the athletes to stay overnight without making them travel too far.
We carefully took into consideration next year’s calendar and the date of the 31st March seemed to be perfect in order to offer a quality service for our athletes without interfering with Arabba’s skiing season.”

In terms of the last edition’s statistics the amount of teams registered decreased, in fact in 2019 (the last pre-covid edition) the number of teams enrolled were 653 while this year the numbers went down to 534.
Two interesting facts: the no finishers and the finishers.
In 2019 the number of finishers (593) was 97% of the starting athletes, in 2022 the percentage decreased to 89% where 47 teams did not finish.
Instead a figure which is against the trend is the number of mixed teams, in this last edition there were 98 teams consisting of women and men.

“The number of mixed couples – Oswald Santin concluded – is forever increasing, for the next edition we are thinking of a solution which can help this interesting category grow”.
So all there is left to do is to pencil in the date of Friday 31 March 2023, and as they say: “Ve speton a Reba”.

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