Diego Perathoner

Inant con tia idees!

What was considered a life long dream in 1995, the SELLARONDA SKIMARATHON, after almost three decades, has become a true reference point in the world of ski mountaineering.

A race, a creature generated by the volcanic mind of Diego Perathoner who made his dream come true.

Diego was a visionary, he came from that world of entrepreneurs which has always successfully distinguished Val di Fassa. A man who grew up in the company of the sports he loved, like climbing his mountains or steeply skiing down them. But above all it was the adventurous journeys he took which he couldn’t go without and which opened his mind thus helping him to reach new objectives always before anyone else.

His joyful disposition helped him with the rest. He managed to win over anyone he met, with traits such as joy, cheerfulness and simplicity. So when he decided to start this marvellous adventure it was not difficult to gain the collaboration of friends and local organizations. However, this was not enough for him. He therefore had the genius intuition of changing the starting and finishing location every year, and even in this case he found the immed iate collaboration of the neighbouring Ladin valleys, which enthusiastically welcomed this innovative project.

Therefore the great relationships he had built over the years outside of the Fassa valley had once again brought the desired result. In a short time he brought so much visibility to the Sellaronda Skimarathon that it was considered one of the most important ski mountaineering races of the world.

So much so to force him, after only a few editions, to put a limit to the number of people registering. The race successfully continued until 2009, when on one December evening Diego never returned home. His friends, the community, the local organizations and the authorities joined in the pain of his loss, and gave him his last farewell in the church of Canazei. Since then Diego is no longer with us but his memory carries on with us, as well as his sporting creature, his ideas to protect and carry forward, his joie de vivre and the love for the mountains.

His family and collaborators wanted to carry on his prestigious work. It is the best way to remember him. Because Diego was a breath of fresh air, the sun which set far too soon.

“INANT CON TIA IDEES” – Move forward with your ideas

Sellaronda Ski Marathon